Extreme hydration, silkiness, shine, nourishment and protection.
Strengthening action of the hair shaft. Smoothly defined, it definitively removes frizzy hair.

It suits for all hair types.


This delicate shampoo packed with the best organic natural ingredients is perfect for daily use. It keeps and lasts the professional hair service. Antifrizz Calming + Smoothing Treatment.

SO-Clarity Cleanse Hair and scalp Prep Wash

Anti-frizz Clarity cleanse


Anti-frizz Hair & Scalp Smooth wash


A professional conditioner with super hydrating acid ph for chemically straight hair. Specifically formulated to revive and rejuvenate all natural oils on your nape and lost during the professional hair treatment. Antifrizz + Smoothing Treatment


Anti-frizz Hair & Scalp Smooth rinse


An exclusive formula with smoothing, anti-frizzy and straightening result thanks to the Complex Anti-Frizz action. A special cold Blend of certified organic natural essential Oils.


Anti-frizz Calming & Relaxer Smoothing Treatment

Style & Finish

Formulated to eliminate frizzy hair. Anti-Frizz defines your curly and straaight hair making them extraordinary shining. When you want to mitigate the untameable look of your hair, Anti-Frizz will make your life easy.


Anti-frizz Calming Cream


Anti-frizz Smooth Sublime

Anti-frizz Bye Bye Frizzy Hair

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